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The power of the Signal Ocean Platform, with all the flexibility of APIs.

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Maximum Flexibility

The Signal Ocean Platform allows you to extract insights through our web tool. But the power of our data and algorithms does not stop there. With our APIs you gain full flexibility to leverage our data for anything you can imagine.


Based on your private data

Based on the stream of data you provide, algorithms produce real-time insights for the exclusive use of members of your company.


For developers and data analysts

No matter if you want to perform an ad-hoc analysis, build a data pipeline or integrate with your own systems, our APIs are optimized for simplicity.

The Signal Ocean APIs are designed like our software platform, with simplicity at the forefront.
today = datetime.now(timezone.utc)                               novo_tl = historical_tonnage_list.get(                          Port.NOVOROSSIYSK,                                              VesselClass.AFRAMAX,                                            days_forward=5,                                                 start_date=today - timedelta(days=10),                          end_date=today)